Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mirror, mirror....

...on the wall!

Good afternoon bloggers!

I've not been around for many moons again. What with kids starting school (Ross for the first time!) I have been busy,busy.busy with life and not had a lot of time for crafting.

I did get my Craft Stamper mag though and have been having a dabble with some inks and metal tape, inspired by one of their articles and made a nice wee mirror (that my mum is currently trying to nick as she has 'the perfect spot for it').

Here it is:

The mirror is from a v.famous Swedish shop and I covered it in my new bestest friend (metal tape), after sticking some embellies to it. I then alcohol-inked the metal tape and used more metal tape to die-cut the flowers and butterflies.

I then die cut letters for the words Mirror, mirror (you can see them on the top right of mirror) and used my dymo to type out 'on the wall' onto some copper tape. (bottom left of pic)

I had a ball doing this mirror (thank you Craft Stamper for the info and inspiration).

I'm off to a craft meet in about a week and am taking my metal tape with me to show people how easy it is to use.

I LOVE my mirror - and being my first one my mum will have a fight on her hands getting it off me LOL.

Hope you like it too!

Lynne xx


  1. Lynne, this is absolutely fantastic. I really must start doing stuff I see in my CS mag instead of admiring and then waiting till I have more time. LOL!
    Anne x

  2. Pop on over to the Crafting Cafe Blog - there's news on there that needs your attention! x

  3. This is beautiful. Love the rich golds. Definitely wont be a problem looking into this mirror.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}


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